Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Music ... The Language of Love

Well it's been 3 months since my last post, which is an improvement on some of my hiatuses (or is that hiatii???)
Eli's been seeing a music therapist to help with his communication and independence skills. Eli has been working with his therapist for a year and was making great progress. Unfortunately for us, she got offered a job elsewhere and today was Eli's last session with her.
I made her this music box with a mini book inside made out of CDs as a leaving present. She really really loved it. You know how sometimes you make something for someone and there is a serious lack of appreciation which leaves you thinking "why the hell did I work so hard?" Well, this was totally the opposite, she LOVED it!! It was totally worth all the work.

The outside of the box

Mini Book Cover

Pages 1 and 2

Pages 3 and 4

Pages 5 and 6

Pages 7 and 8

Back Cover

Mini Book all put together

Inside of the box with mini book inside

Thanks for looking. BTW you can find the pattern for the box in my archives for September 2011.